Is Trump’s $1,000 Dollar Stimulus Package Socialism

With all the uproar on the news and Social Media, it’s hard not to see a meme out there about turning a Socialist into a Trump supporter by giving them a $1,000 dollars. So with all the comments about this proposal by the current administration, I thought I would put some of my thoughts here since the last comment I saw was “Socialism at its best”.
First, I don’t believe in giving money to people just out of the blue because there are some out there that will use the money inappropriately and then there are some without a job that will surely be in trouble in the next 30 days. Example: do you have any kids that are in school right now? (NO) because the schools have shut down. Look at how a majority of them get to school, they get there by the bus drivers. Those bus drives that are now in short supply and really hard enough to find already are not getting paid fully. Have you been to the Mall? (NO) most of us don’t go there anymore because we buy on-line, those people are now without a job in an already vanishing business. Now let’s touch base on my company, $1,000 wouldn’t put a dent in it for help, considering I’ve already refunded $13,500 in the last 2 weeks and there will be more. Have you ever heard of the Prom? This year those kids that had saved up will not see a Senior Prom or graduation, so of course, they will want to get a refund.

We already have businesses that depend on this time of the year, Spring Break, to make money that helps propel them down the road into the next few months before the spring and summer months come in. These businesses are like restaurants, bars, and hotels, that are now taking a very big hit.

Remember Wal-Mart Shareholders that brings in thousands of dollars to our economy? you can now scratch that off the list.

Now here is what pisses me off if the Democrats hadn’t been so wound up on taking out a sitting President from day one with Russia, Russia, Russia, Ukraine and then impeachment, and as Nancy Pelosi said “I don’t hate the president, “I pray for the president all the time.” If they hadn’t been so focused on that, as it has been noted, we might have had a chance to see this coming. Now let’s not point fingers, no let’s point fingers (1) Maxine Waters, (2) Al Green, (3) China for not having the fortitude to tell us this was happening now instead of hiding it for 30 days before letting the world know. This is not a socialist thing Italy has that, It’s now called survival for some. Now if you are one of the fortunate ones that are pretty much financially set and being quarantined for 30 to 60 days this won’t hurt you and that is great. If you are one of the ones that think this is socialism, I would like you to do one thing If you get a check take out your camera and tear it up as Nacy did after the State of the Union address and post it to Facebook, so we can see you are not for the stimulus package that you are for Socialism.

Here is the best timeline I could find that puts it all together from the very start.

Starting July 10th, 2019 to February 5th of 2020. Now think about that.

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